Fear to humans is the equivalent of blood to sharks. They’ve got a nose for it & will eat you alive at your first sign of weakness.

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If you know me, you know I had to. #sarcasm

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The BRC Ixopo 

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Treating and Retreating

Its been forever since my last post and I am beyond thrilled to have a strong internet connection as I arrived back in London yesterday! Ive been all about spoiling myself these last few months- I was in North Carolina for the Holidays, I turned a layover in Dubai into two night stay to ring in the New Year, and more shockingly I attended an eight day retreat  outside of Durban, SA (later learned it was the most liberating thing I could have done in my lifetime) before I hopped over to Cape Town under contract with Base Model Management. Here are some photos I took of my time at the Buddhist Retreat Centre. 

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Missing YOU Monday. Real love. Wife for life. Coming in peace since Bangkok 2011 | Los Angeles 2013 | Love links ♥🔗 @nataschaelisa

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Good morning moon. Hello Dubai

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you better not pout, you better not cry

Missguided Holiday ‘13 Campaign shot by Zoe McConnell

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Lisa Frank inspired shoot with Jared Thomas

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Just hangin out all grinch-like last year at the Vision holiday party. Snap by Randall Slavin.

Just hangin out all grinch-like last year at the Vision holiday party. Snap by Randall Slavin.

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Gettin saucy for Brashy Couture

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Feelin Friskay for Bjorn Borg 2013

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In honor of tbt and trying to get into posting more often, I am proud to dedicate this behind the scenes throwback to not just who you would call the ultimate dream team, but who I consider family!

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Bjorn Borg Holiday 2013 Campaign

Happiest Moments : home. alone. half naked. music full blast.

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